Ottara Kem

was born in Cambodia as the son of a school principal. The film explores his life: his departure to the GDR, his life there as a doctoral student, husband, father, and friend.

Marina Kem

is one of four daughters of Ottara Kem. The film is told through her perspective. She was born 1975 in Dresden.

Monika Bethmann

fell in love with Ottara Kem during their studies in 1972. She was married to him between 1979 and 1986. They had three daughters (Marina, Devi, and Viry).

Daramuny "Pros" Kem

is a survivor. His parents and three younger siblings were murdered by the Khmer Rouge. He is the son of the well-loved older brother of Ottara Kem.

Dr. Thonevath Pou

also received a scholarship 1965 for studying in the GDR. In the airplane to Europe he sat next to Ottara Kem. Together they studied German at the Herder Institute in Leipzig.

Dr. Jürgen Fröhlich

studied, obtained a doctorate, and lectured at the Technical University Dresden. During Ottara Kem's doctoral thesis he was a supporter, reviewer, and one of his few confidantes.

Nipota Kem

survived torture and imprisonment. Today he is a lecturer at the pedagogic university. He says: „Violence cannot be defeated through violence.“

Thang Nyam

visited the French-speaking „Lycee Sihanouk“ with Ottara Kem. She studied pedagogics. She managed to keep the educaction secret during the Khmer's reign. She lives alone.

Albrecht und Sylvia Brendel

were two of Ottara Kem's few good friends. They helped him through hard times and encouraged him to write a Cambodian cook book.