History of Cambodia 1965 - 1975

In October 1965 the US military flies its first bombing raids over Cambodia. Still top secret at the time. In 1968 Richard Nixon becomes president of the US, a man who wants to win the Vietnam war at all costs. The bombings are increased. In 1970 Cambodia witnesses a coup, probably supported by the US. King Sihanouk is exiled. General Lon Nol becomes the new head of state. The bombings continue to increase, costs of living as well, misery and despair spread. In addition, the Cambodians natural order “Buddhism, parents, king” begins to fall apart. Communist, “patriotic” guerrilla groups form, that want to free Cambodia from American occupation. Rumors spread that these troops are led by King Sihanouk. More and more Cambodians join the alleged king's troops, which are, however, backed by China and led by Pol Pot. Moving south from the jungles in the north, they take over the country piece by piece. On April 17th, 1975 the Khmer Rouge capture the capital Phnom Penh. The darkest chapter of Cambodia's history begins.



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