With courage and sensitivity the author investigates the different relationships within her family and traces the life of her father. In doing so, she resurrects her father’s romantic and longing memories of Cambodian life before 1965 and also lets contemporary witnesses, letters, „Stasi“ reports, and photographs speak in his stead. She thereby finds her way deeper and deeper into the history of the ideological wars of the past 50 years and learns what impact they had on an individual fate.


With poetic images and highly emotional scenes the director Marina Kem takes the audience on a journey to the never changing questions of mankind: “Where do I come from?”  “What is my purpose in this world?” “How am I connected with other people?”


The film documents a daughter‘s search for her father‘s story. At the end she finds a new family and reconciles herself with her roots. The German Film and Media Evaluation rated the film as “Exceptionally valuable” and “Documentary of the month”.



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